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Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of directing energy, and using feng shui with houseplants is an important part of the practice. The word itself literally translates into "wind" and "water." These are the two life forces that flow freely over the Earth, creating the central life force known in Chinese as "chi." Thus, feng shui is concerned with directing chi, or energy, throughout a home to bring its occupants into harmony. Houseplants are an important part of this esteemed art.

Healthy houseplants are good and beneficial, especially wooded houseplants and bamboos. In feng shui, wood represents creativity, birth, regeneration, the direction east, and spring. It is one of the five basic elements in feng shui.

In general, all kinds of plants emit a positive energy and, because they cleanse air, they contribute to the positive flow of chi throughout a house. Houseplants can also be used to disguise harsh angles or other elements that would otherwise create a stagnant flow of energy, thus acting as "bad energy sinks" that redistribute and redirect.