How To Take Care Of Money Tree Plant?


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The money tree commonly used in feng shui to attract prosperity & wealth and to give positive vibrations in the surroundings is also known as Pachira and it is one of the easiest to grow plant. Now what makes it rare indoor plant?

It requires least maintenance and add natural quotient in the house. Its leaves maximize ‘Chi’ – the source of goof fortune and all life energy. It is available in a range of sizes, shapes & varieties which makes it perfect for gifting.



Soil plays an important role in planting Money Tree. The soil should be rich enough made for cacti with high pearlite content. It should have a good drainage. It requires re-potting every 2nd year and preferably in area with minimal sunlight. Money tree plants will need to be repotted in a larger pot every two years. They prefer to be planted in areas with minimal sunlight. thus they can also grow indoors in full shade. If you find that the leaves are drying up or turning yellow then you can move it to indirect sunlight.

Watering and Fertilizing

Money plants doesn’t need much water thus you need to water the plant every 3 to 5 days. Purpose is to just dampen the soil so that it should be wet enough to give nutritional value to the plant. And to mist the foliage of the plant you can use the spray bottle and sprinkle the water. It is always recommendable not to dampen the leaves if the plant is in direct sunlight else it would have leaf burn. It can also be kept outside bathroom as the humid environment around bathroom would be good for the plant.

In winters, the tree doesn’t require any fertilizer, whereas in summers you need to use the liquid fertilizer after 3 cycles of watering i.e. every 15 days.


Special Care

It doesn’t require pruning to stay controlled and healthy. The money tree plant requires no pruning to stay healthy and controlled.

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