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Learn More About What Causes Yellow Tomato Leaves

If you have vegetable garden and planted tomatoes in it and if their leaves are turning yellow then you must be wondering why is it happening. You might be getting this question in your mind again and again. Thus, to clear your doubts and queries we want to share some insights on “Why Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow?“. Tomato plants leaves turn yellow due to many different reasons. It is not necessary that if the leaves are turning yellow then it is failing. Let’s have a look at the possible reasons of turning them yellow.

Leaves of My Tomato Plant are Turning Yellow

If the leaves are yellow at the bottom of the plant then nothing to worry about. The reason behind turning them yellow is that they might not be getting nutrients from the soil and are not getting sunshine. This happens normally when the plant is mature and started bearing tomatoes.

Some of the reasons are not as simple as plant maturing and nutrients of the soil. You need to keep a watch on them and see if they are getting proper sunshine or not. It could be detrimental not only to your tomato plants with their yellow tomato leaves, but to the rest of your garden as well.


Why Tomato Plant Leaves Turn Yellow

It could be due to lack of nitrogen in the soil, and if this is the case then you could check the nitrogen level and add little bit of nutritious matter to the soil and then watch after couple of days if it is still yellow or they started turning to green again.

Another reason could be fungus or bacterial problem like Alternaria alternata or other tomato diseases. If your plant is having some disease then it should be treated accordingly.

Sometimes there might be pest problem in the plants which need to be handled properly. There might be caterpillars or worms affecting the health of the tomato plant. You can use organic pesticide to deal with this situation.

Before making any changes to the soil or adding pesticides, you need to make sure that plant is not drying up due to lesser water. Soil should be wet enough and if it is not wet then it might be this small reason behind the leaves turning yellow.

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