Mango Tree

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Mango Tree
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Mango Tree
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Mango Tree

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Mango Tree is one of the best known and most popular trees of India. Scientific name of Mango tree is Mangifera Indica. Mango tree bears some very large and tasty fruits. A native to India, mango tree is popularly found in almost all the tropical countries.

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  • Though Mango tree does not have scented flowers, still one can easily identify the tree by its leaves, bark and the shape. The tree can retain its leaves all round the year. Generally, this tree spreads to a great extent to surplus its height. Interestingly, the wind cannot break the tough and bouncy stalks of the leaves of Mango tree easily. Flowering takes place generally in between January to March. The stems of the tree are fat, green in colour and wavy. They can bear numerous retreating side stems. Each of these stems has a lot of little and stalked flowers. The flowers have four or five petals and are yellow-greenish in colour. The petals have orange stripes on them. Amongst the thousands of flowers that appear in the tree, only a few have the ability to produce fruits.
  • Apart from the delicacy of the fruit, the tree has some other valuable properties as well. The timber of Mango tree is quite soft and durable and thus very good for planking and making packing cases and tea boxes. The bark can produce a gum that is used in medicine. The immature fruit can also be used, as a treat to Ophthalmia and some people believe that a tonic prepared from the ripe fruit, is good for the liver. Not only these, various parts of the tree are used to stop bleeding and prescribed in cases of snakebite and scorpion-sting as well.
  • In Hindu religion, mango tree has a lot of religious importance. To the Hindus, it is an alteration of the God Prajapati, the Lord of all creatures. Further, the rooms in which marriage ceremonies are held are festooned with Mango leaves. The wood is also considered as sacred because it is included in funeral pyres. The Hindus also dedicate the flowers of the tree to the Moon on the second day of the Bengali month
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